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Taylor 800 Series Guitars

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Combining the tone-enhancing power of V-Class bracing with superstar tonewoods and player-friendly design, the revitalized 800 Series sits at the intersection of playability, musicality and design sophistication. Now fully outfitted with V-Class bracing (excluding nylon-string models), the 800 Series brings a new layer of visual style and ergonomic comfort to this line of premium acoustic guitars. V-Class bracing allows more volume and sustain out of these rosewood/spruce guitars.  

 Taylor 814ce-N


Fans of the classic rosewood/spruce tonewood pairing might find an exciting new musical avenue in the 814ce-N, a nylon-string edition of Taylor's flagship Grand Auditorium guitar. A slightly larger cousin to the Grand Concert nylon-string model, this guitar benefits from Indian rosewood’s rich low end and treble-range brilliance, paired with solid Sitka spruce for clarity and projection.

Taylor 814ce


For decades now the 814ce has been Taylor's flagship guitar. The incredibly popular combination of Indian Rosewood back / sides with a lush Sitka Spruce top is now taken up a gear with the advent of V-Class bracing – a true revolution in acoustic guitar design that gives unbeatable volume, sustain, projection and uniformity of sound to the player. All this and more crystalized within the classic outline of the Grand Auditorium body shape that we all identify with so strongly as being quintessentially Taylor.

Taylor Builder's Edition 816ce

Builder's Edition 816ce

The Builder’s Edition 816ce marks the return of Taylor’s Grand Symphony body shape. It has been redesigned by masterbuilder Andy Powers and fitted with a soundport cutaway on the treble-side. Adding an additional soundhole creates extra lung capacity. The soundport being a different size alters the resonant frequencies and broadens the guitar’s response, creating an airy orchestral tone with notes that change colour as they ring.

Taylor 812ce 12-Fret

812ce 12-Fret

The Grand Concert’s intimate body size and 24-⅞-inch scale length make for a comfortable playing experience that fingerstyle players are bound to love. The 12-fret version of the 812ce yields a slightly different character than the 14-fret because the bridge position is closer to the center of the lower bout and because the bracing profile was modified to emphasize a bolder attack. Players can expect plenty of the Grand Concert’s signature articulation with a slightly meatier, more robust tonal output.

Taylor 818e


The Grand Orchestra has long stood at the top of the Taylor range of body shapes in terms of size and big, powerful sound. Now, the jumbo-esque shape takes on new life thanks to new revoicings by Andy Powers, launching with this 818e. Built with solid Indian rosewood for the back and sides with a solid Sitka spruce top, the 818e is among the first Grand Orchestra guitars to feature V-Class bracing. Rosewood and spruce interplay here to produce rich low-end warmth, slightly scooped mids, and clear, articulate treble notes, while the new bracing allows rosewood’s natural overtones to bloom and resonate as notes sustain. 


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