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NAMM 2024: Introducing the Mackie ShowBox

Mackie NAMM Speakers

The Mackie ShowBox is a Battery-Powered Live Performance Rig that makes it easy to get great live sound anywhere.

Breakaway mix control
Keep everything at your fingertips with the breakaway mix control, including levels for mics and instruments, effects, tone shaping, snapshots, looper, tuner and more. The controller mounts to your mic stand and slides into the ShowBox for storage.

Six Effects Engines
Insert separate effects on each of the four mic and instrument channels, including fuzz, overdrive, tube model, acoustic amp, tremolo and more. Then, bring it all together with two additional effects engines for time-based effects like delay and reverb.

Expressive sound shaping
ShowBox goes beyond the typical portable PA speaker with precise tools for shaping your tone, including separate 3-band parametric EQ and single-knob compression on each channel.

Up to 12 hours of live sound
Mackie ShowBox delivers up to 12 hours of powerful live sound thanks to a 400W amp, custom drivers and the included battery. With 6 input channels for mics and instruments, ShowBox is the complete solution to portable live sound for singers, guitarists, keyboardists and more.

Total connectivity
Mackie ShowBox connects you with your audience, wherever they are. Simplify your live setup while adding the ability to record with an SD card, stream with USB-C, and use Bluetooth® to play backing tracks (or music while on a much-needed break).

No amp? No problem.
With switchable “PA” and “amp” voicing modes, internal effects for guitar and vocals, an FX loop for your pedals, and settings for indoor and outdoor performance, ShowBox can replace your amp and your PA system while opening up new creative possibilities for solo artists and small bands.

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