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Deering Goodtime Deco Banjos

Banjo Deering

Introducing the new Goodtime Deco Series, a stunning tribute to the vibrant American Art Deco design movement of the 1920s when the banjo reigned as America's most beloved instrument.

BANJO SHOOTOUT - Hear the differences between the Goodtime, Goodtime 2, Goodtime Special and the bonus of an Artisan Goodtime Special:

The Goodtime Deco banjos are impeccably designed, featuring timeless Art Deco-inspired hardwood inlays on the fingerboard that evoke the geometric shapes characteristic of the era's visual aesthetic. The peghead is complemented by an engraved Art Deco motif, which adds sophistication to the playing experience. The hardware, finished in satin US Bronze powder, accentuates the banjo's Art Deco-inspired look. For added comfort, all these banjos now come with a US Bronze powder-finished armrest. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the Goodtime Deco Series.

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