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200 Series Taylor Guitars

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The Taylor 200, 200 Plus and 200 Deluxe Series present a curated mix of player favorites at a range of price points to make these reliable guitars accessible to more musicians. All models feature a solid top, layered wood back and sides, and ES2 electronics. 200 Deluxe models sport a gleaming, full-gloss body, such as the all-koa 224ce-K DLX with a shaded edgeburst color treatment or the spruce-topped 214ce-K DLX, which pairs solid spruce with beautifully layered rosewood. The 200 Plus Series ships with our super-lightweight, ultra-durable AeroCase. Base models in the 200 Series feature back and sides of layered rosewood or layered koa paired with solid spruce tops, and ship with sturdy Taylor gig bags.

Taylor 214ce Plus Taylor 214ce Plus


Taylor 214ce PLUS

214ce Plus

This upgraded 200 Series Grand Auditorium delivers the clarity and balance that makes this best-selling body shape a hit with guitarists from all genres and styles.  Layered rosewood back and sides pair beautifully with a solid Sitka spruce top for room-filling projection and a versatile sonic profile that performs beautifully across musical settings. This upgraded Plus model features black binding and a full-body gloss finish, along with a Venetian cutaway, 4mm Dot inlays, and ES2 electronics for plug-and-play amplified sound. 

Taylor 214ce DLX

214ce DLX

This deluxe edition of the 200 Series Grand Auditorium, with its layered rosewood back and sides paired with a solid spruce top, offers full-spectrum versatility across genres and playing styles. This workhorse guitar features player-friendly contours and a balanced, dynamic tonal response rich with room-filling power. The slender Taylor neck offers supreme playability and consistency of action all the way down the fretboard. Complete with ES2 electronics and a hardshell case, the 214ce DLX is a powerhouse in any musical situation.

Taylor 214ce-BLK DLX

214ce-BLK DLX

The highly versatile 214ce DLX receives an aesthetic makeover with this stylish all-black edition. Made with back and sides of layered maple and topped with solid Sitka spruce, this Grand Auditorium packs a bold musical punch with articulate highs and warm lows. The solid top ensures power and clarity while the layered back and sides provide stability even with changes in temperature and humidity. Finished off in a stunning full-body gloss, the 214ce-BLK DLX ships with built-in ES2 electronics and a hardshell case.

Taylor 214ce-K DLX

214ce-K DLX

The Deluxe Grand Auditorium from the 200 Series receives an aesthetic enhancement in the 214ce-K DLX, built with a solid spruce top and layered Hawaiian koa back and sides. Koa's natural luster adds an attractive visual cue to this versatile acoustic-electric guitar, helping the solid top produce a vibrant, articulate tone that can cut through to the front of any mix. Built-in ES2 electronics and Venetian cutaway make this model an ideal choice for players looking to plug in and make full use of the genuine ebony fretboard, while the included hardshell case makes safe transport between home, practice spaces and venues a breeze.

Taylor 224ce-K DLX

224ce-K DLX

Visually striking with a rich midrange and high-end shimmer, the 224ce-K DLX Grand Auditorium features a solid Hawaiian koa top along with layered koa back and sides to produce a rich, sweet and mature-sounding twist on one of Taylor’s most popular guitars. With a controlled low end that blooms over time and a pleasant natural compression helping to tame wild transients and smooth out a player's dynamic attack, the 224ce-K DLX offers balance, projection and a smooth feel thanks to the slender Taylor neck.



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