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Traynor TVM50A Travel Mate Amp with 10" Speaker-50 Watts-Music World Academy

Traynor TVM50A Travel Mate Amp with 10" Speaker-50 Watts

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The Traynor TVM50A is designed for the musician on the move.

Perfect for rehearsal or street corner concert, the 50-watt TVM50’s two-channel design allows quick connection to any microphone, instrument and CD / MP3 player. Individual volume control as well as separate tone controls on the input channels makes the TVM50 a complete ultra-compact PA system solution.

Channel one is tuned for vocals with an XLR / TRS combi-jack input for low or high impedance mics. A single sweepable tone control that boosts intelligibility and overall presence with a minimum of tweaking makes the TVM50 ideal for quick set up. A 1/4-inch input on channel two handles any instrument source including acoustic or electric guitars and keyboards.

An additional RCA auxiliary Input allows quick connection to CD or MP3 players.

The TVM50’s wedge monitor shape projects to an intimate audience from ground level. An integrated stand adaptor allows the TVM50 to be mounted on any speaker stand when used as a small announcement PA or background music source.


•50 Watts Output Power
•10-inch Woofer with 2-inch Tweeter
•Channel One XLR / TRS Combi-Jack Input For Quick Connection to Any Microphone
•Sweepable Tone Control on Microphone Input (Channel One)
•Channel Two 1/4-Inch Instrument Level Line Input
•3-band EQ on Instrument Channel with Input Gain Control (Channel Two)
•Additional RCA Auxiliary CD Or MP3 Player Input
•Headphone Jack
•Convenient Wedge Monitor Shape
•Integrated Speaker Stand Adaptor

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