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Planet Waves PW-CT-12 NS Mini Headstock Tuner-Music World Academy

Planet Waves PW-CT-12 NS Mini Headstock Tuner

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As a reaction to the unparalleled response to its original Chromatic Headstock Tuner, Planet Waves launches this minute version that discreetly clips to the back of the headstock! The NS Mini Headstock Tuner’s tiny, lightweight and convenient design allows it to be clipped to the back of the headstock and remain practically undetectable by blending with the aesthetics of the instrument and concealing it from the audience.

Instead of using cable hook-ups or microphones, the new NS Mini Headstock Tuner from Planet Waves uses the instrument’s vibration as its input and provides accurate tuning without the interference of ambient room noise. This super-accurate tuning software uses the ultra-sensitive piezo sensor system for increased vibration sensitivity and more accurate note registration. Perfect for loud and dark stages, the simple, multicolor, backlit display shows the note name in red to indicate when the note is out of tune and green to reveal when the note is in tune.

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