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Mackie PROFX12 12-Channel Professional Mixer V.2 with Effects & USB-Music World Academy

Mackie PROFX12 12-Channel Professional Mixer V.2 with Effects & USB

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The ProFX12 is the perfect choice for smaller performing acts, solo performers or for small venues that don’t have the budget or space for a ton of outboard gear. The ProFX12 has everything needed to make your gig sound great and is really easy to operate. Plus, USB I/O lets you record the show or stream music straight from a laptop. The “Pro” in ProFX stands for Pro. Professional tools, rugged build quality, small footprint…everything you need.

The ProFX12 is loaded with six Mackie high-headroom, low-noise mic preamps, 3-band EQ, a built-in DI for direct connection of a guitar or bass, integrated “Gig-Ready” effects, precision 7-band GEQ and more. The ProFX12 has all the right tools, each and every one designed to sound great. Plus, everything is housed in an ultra-tough enclosure with additional impact-resistant sidecheeks, protecting your investment from the rigors of the road.

-  Professional 12-channel Compact Mixer with onboard effects and USB I/O 
-  6 low-noise, high-headroom Mackie mic preamps with easy LED metering 
-  32-bit RMFX™ processor with 16 “Gig-Ready” reverbs, choruses and delays 
-  Precision 7-band graphic EQ for tuning Mains or Monitors 
-  USB I/O for recording shows and music playback via Mac or PC 
-  4 full stereo channels plus extra stereo return for keyboards, external effects or stereo playback devices 
-  60mm faders for input channels, returns and Main/Monitor masters 
-  3-band active EQ (80Hz, 2.5kHz and 12kHz) on all channels 
-  Hi-Z input for direct connection of guitar, bass and other instruments 
-  Insert, 100Hz low cut filter, and 48V phantom power on all mic channels 
-  Stereo RCA tape I/O with input level control 
-  Headphone output with separate rotary level control 
-  Balanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced ¼-inch Main outputs 
-  FX mute with remote control via footswitch 
-  Break switch mutes all channels for music playback between sets 
-  Built-like-a-tank steel chassis with rugged, yet stylish ABS sidecheeks 
-  "Planet Earth" switching power supply for worldwide use 
-  Includes Tracktion 3 Music Production Software for Mac or PC 

For the PC::
 Microsoft Windows 7 32 / 64 RTM, Vista 32 / 64 SP 2 or XP 32 SP 3
 Pentium 4, Celeron, or Athlon XP processor 
 512 MB RAM 
For the Mac::
 Mac OS X 10.4.11 – 10.7.1
 G4 processor 
 512 MB RAM 

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