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Shure MV5C-USB Home Office Microphone-Music World Academy

Shure MV5C-USB Home Office Microphone

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Video conferencing and working from home are the new normal. Make sure you sound professional and are heard clearly during important pitches, presentations and proposals with the MV5C Home Office Microphone. The MV5C can be used with or without headphones. Simply plug it in with the supplied cables to a Mac or Windows computer and join your virtual meetings with the confidence that you sound just as good at home as you do in the boardroom. Compatible with third-party software conferencing platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The MV5C is an essential tool for the home office that connects directly to your Mac or Windows computer via provided USB cables and significantly enhances the audio quality of your voice. Speech Enhancement Mode and an adjustable desktop mount help to ensure that you are heard clearly.

Speech Enhancement Mode
Speech Enhancement Mode provides automatic equalization that boosts vocal frequencies for clear, consistent speech. The MV5C’s directional microphone element enables better collaboration with high-quality audio by increasing voice isolation and helping to minimize room reverberation.

Home conferencing ready for Mac or Windows
Created by world-class engineering and design experts
Optimized for premium speech audio quality
Classic design style fits in premium home office setups
Great for video conferences, podcasting, streaming, webinars and voice overs.

1 - AMV5-DS Desktop Stand
1 - AMV-USB Micro-B-to-USB-A Cable (1m)
1 - 95C38076 Micro-B-to-USB-C Cable (1m)

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