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Marshall JFX1 Multi-Effect Programmable Rack Unit (Discontinued)-Music World Academy

Marshall JFX1 Multi-Effect Programmable Rack Unit (Discontinued)

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The Marshall JFX-1 is a totally programmable 24 bit digital effects processor which features the highest quality effects algorithms and also allows complete control via MIDI.

By utilising a 64x over-sampling 16 bit Sigma/Delta Analogue to Digital converter in conjunction with 16 bit linear dual Digital to Analogue conversion, the JFX-1 produces effects that have superb resolution and depth, with an absolute minimum of distortion and maximum dynamic range. Also by incorporating a high quality Voltage Control Amplifier the all important dry signal is kept free from degradation - essential for maintaining the integrity of your direct sound.

Although suitable for all processing applications the JFX-1 has been designed primarily as a guitar rack effects processor. The first 50 programs have been pre-set at the Marshall factory but may be edited in full. They can also be restored without loss of data custom programmed into memories 50 to 127. The individual algorithms for Chorus/Flange, Multi-Tap Delay, Delay, Reverb and Multi-Effect, give you the ability to edit and store a superb library of effects, with no unnecessary or redundant features to confuse the issue.

If you want to use the JFX-1 with an amp head or combo which has channel switching facilities the special Remote Jack can be programmed to activate the Channel switch as part of the selected program. Whether you are recording in a professional or home studio or playing live through a combo or full stereo rack system, the JFX-1 puts a vast range of creative possibilities instantly at your fingertips.

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