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Blackstar HTV60212MK3 HT STAGE Combo Electric Guitar Amp with 2x12" Speakers-60 Watts-Music World Academy

Blackstar HTV60212MK3 HT STAGE Combo Electric Guitar Amp with 2x12" Speakers-60 Watts

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Blackstar’s HT Venue line is famous for class-leading clean and overdrive tones, all in a single gig and studio
friendly unit. In 2023 we are proud to introduce the next generation of HT Venue valve amplifiers to inspire
your performance.

HT Venue MK III elevates this range to new heights with a stunning new style that looks as good as any
premium boutique amplifier. The new panel has a clean, crisp aesthetic and cornerless covering, combined
with classic chickenhead knobs and a new paper fret to complete the look.
There’s beauty in the details, where we’ve introduced high quality mini toggle switches, updated the LED
colours and swapped out the plastic logo for a new metal plate version.
CabRig, our world-class DSP speaker simulation comes as standard, which allows guitarists to choose
between 100s of different cabinet, mic, mic placement and room settings. These settings can be saved and
stored into 3 presets which can be recalled directly from the amplifier
Simply put, there is not a better looking, or sounding, amplifier in this category

- Ground-breaking new clean channel offering the ultimate in clean tone quality and flexibility:
All Clean Channels have Bass, Treble and a Voice switch.
- Rich, responsive Overdrives each with its own Voice switch. The high gain Voices are tight and focused.
-All modes footswitchable with the optional 5-way FS-14 Footcontroller: Resulting in the widest
possible selection of stage accessible valve tones.
- Power Reduction: A switchable power reduction circuit is included giving reliable, transparent
attenuation down to 10% of the amp’s rated power.
- Blackstar’s patented ISF on the OD channel(s). ISF stands for ‘Infinite Shape Feature’. Unique to
Blackstar products, this control can take you from a more ‘Americ an’ sounding amp all the way through
to a classic ‘British’ amplifier and anywhere inbetween.
- 2 distinct voices on every channel with independent EQ controls. Clean Voice 1 is an American style
clean. Clean voice 2 is a ‘Class A’ British tone. On each of the OD channels, switching to voice 2 will
add more gain and overall change the overdrive from a classic drive to a higher gain, more
contemporary tone.
-CabRig – our class-leading speaker simulation DSP software. Choose from 100s of microphone and
cabinet combinations within our free software and store 3 CabRig presets directly into your amplifier.
- Professional USB recording output: Now updated to USB-C, this is the simplest way to get valve tone
into your recordings.
- ‘HT’ stands for High Tension meaning the high voltage internal circuits needed to push valves to their full
tonal potential.

◼ Innovative 60 Watt valve combo ◼ 2 x ECC83 and 2 x EL34 valves ◼ Three footswitchable channels
◼ Six footswitchable voices ◼ Boutique clean channel with expanded tone controls ◼ Two high gain
overdrive channels ◼ Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) ◼ Power Reduction down to 10% of full
Wattage ◼ Presence, Resonance, Master Volume ◼ Digital Reverb with Dark/Light switch. Reverb time
is independently adjustable via Architect software ◼ CabRig outputs (1/4” unbalanced, XLR Balanced
and USB C) ◼ Effects loop with effects level switch ◼ USB C for recording and connecting to Architect &
CabRig ◼ 2x12” Celestion speakers ◼ 2-way footcontroller included ◼ Compact size for ultimate portability
◼ Boutique modern styling

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