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My First Piano Adventure 420263 Lesson Book C with CD-Music World Academy

My First Piano Adventure 420263 Lesson Book C with CD

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Book C of the Fabers' young beginner method continues the staff-reading adventure with the introduction of skips (3rds). Students first explore skips aurally and kinesthetically across the full range of the keyboard. A delightful variety of songs follow which carefully and comfortably guide the child toward line-line and space-space staff recognition. The new CD for Book C offers a unique listening experience with outstanding orchestrations and vocals. The recordings demonstrate a key principle of the course: when children listen, sing, tap, and move to their piano music, they play more musically. 
Song List: 
•All the Raindrops
•Allegro Skips
•Baby Owl
•Bass Clef Chant
•Bedtime Boogie Woogie
•Birthday Cake for Me
•Cat Game
•Cinderella's Waltz
•Con Brio
•Dolphin Dreams
•Dinner with Wolfgang
•E-G-B's Morning Warm-Up
•Go Tell Aunt Rhodie (Theme and Variation)
•Leap for the Pinata
•Let's Go Play!
•Ludwig's Accents
•Mama's Bakin' Apple Pie
•Marching Band Show
•Mouse Game
•Mouse in the Clock
•Mozart's Pets
•Night of Stars
•Rising Sun
•Skip with my L.H. Friends
•Skip with my R.H. Friends
•Surprise Symphony Theme
•Tchaikovsky's Waltz
•Treasure Chest
•Wild, Windy Day
•You Can Clap for Me

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