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Line 6 FBV2 2-Button Footswitch-Music World Academy

Line 6 FBV2 2-Button Footswitch

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Don't feel like carrying around a full-sized foot controller? Now you don't have to! The FBV2™ lets you scroll through the first bank of four presets and is small and light enough to fit in your gig bag. With its ultra-reliable switches and aluminum case, the FBV2 can take all the abuse you can throw at it.


Spider Valve™
Spider® IV
Spider® III*
Spider® II*
Flextone™ III
Vetta II™
POD® 2.0**
POD® xt
Bass POD® xt
Bass POD® XT Pro

*FBV2 is not compatible with Spider II 15 or Spider III 15.

**FBV2 is only compatible with POD 2.0 units with pedal jacks labelled "FBV Pedal." It is not compatible with older units which have pedal jacks labelled simply "Pedal."

(NOTE: FBV2 is NOT compatible with Ax212™, Flextone™ I, II or HD, POD® Pro, Bass POD®, Bass POD® Pro and Spider™.)

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