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Roland EC-10M ElCajon Electronic Layered Mic Processor-Music World Academy

Roland EC-10M ElCajon Electronic Layered Mic Processor

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Enhance Your Sound and Add New Expression to Your Acoustic Cajon Performances

The EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor is a totally unique and innovative creative tool designed for the acoustic cajon. Compact and battery powered, the EC-10M picks up the cajon's acoustic sound with the included clip-on condenser mic, which is also used to trigger a variety of onboard tones for layering with the acoustic voice. You can then send both sounds to an amp or PA, giving you complete control over your stage sound. It's also possible to create percussion phrases with a built-in looper, and play additional sounds via integrated A/B foot pads or optional kick trigger pedals. Everywhere you play, the EC-10M transforms the acoustic cajon experience with a world of new expressive power.

A unique and innovative creative tool for acoustic cajon players.


• Easy setup - simply attach the included clip-on condenser mic to the sound hole of the acoustic cajon and start playing

• Amplify the acoustic cajon - the EC-10M can be used as a mic preamp for the supplied microphone

• A variety of sounds - 16 onboard kits with tones including tambourine, shaker, djembe, electronic drums, and more can be layered with the acoustic cajon

• Multiple tones - play two different electronic sounds by slapping the edge or head of the acoustic cajon

• Add pedals - up to two kick trigger pedals (Roland KT-10, KT-9, or KD-7) can be connected to play additional sounds; integrated A/B foot pads can also trigger sounds

• Create loops and play along - a simple looper function allows recording of rhythm phrases using the onboard sounds

• Versatile outputs - send the microphone and layered sounds to a PA mixer via two independent outputs, or mix all sounds to one mono output

• Two-way power - can be used with four AAA-size batteries (for up to five hours of use*) or included power supply

*Maximum use time will vary depending on the battery specifications, capacity, and conditions of use.

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