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Tech 21 CS-US Character Series U.S. Steel Pedal (Discontinued)-Music World Academy

Tech 21 CS-US Character Series U.S. Steel Pedal (Discontinued)

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The Character Series pedals take their mojo from the most respected amp tones on both sides of the Atlantic. These pedals don’t just have a single character, they have the whole cast, plot and curtain call.

Packing more metal than Pittsburgh, the U.S. Metal is high gain Valhalla. Blistering distortions and searing lead tones just keep coming; every nu-metal chunk, every modern rock slab. Back off for smoky blues or ignite the rage of an uber-gain rectifier. Emulating the massive Celestion®-powered chunk of a closed-back cab, the musclebound U.S. Metal is here to raise hell and steal your girl.

Decades of high gain Valhalla. 
Utilizes standard 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC2). 

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