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Audio-Technica ATW901a-G System 9 Wireless VHF Guitar System-Music World Academy

Audio-Technica ATW901a-G System 9 Wireless VHF Guitar System

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The Audio-Technica ATW-901A/G System 9 VHF Wireless Unipak System is designed for live sound reinforcement applications. The system consists of a wireless VHF receiver, a bodypack transmitter, and an AT-GcW guitar/instrument input cable.
The receiver utilizes two dipole antennas for extended range, and allows you to select your VHF transmission frequency from 169.505, 170.245, 171.045, or 171.905 MHz. The receiver includes LED indicator lights for channel, RF, and AF peak. The back of the receiver features a volume control knob, a squelch control knob, a balanced XLR audio output, and an unbalanced 1/4" audio output. The receiver also includes a power cord hook to prevent accidental pull-out of the DC power supply.
The bodypack transmitter is powered by two AA batteries and includes variable microphone and instrument trim, channel selection DIP switches, a Power/Mute button, and a Unipak input connector.

Four Selectable VHF Transmission Frequencies
Select from 169.505, 170.245, 171.045, and 171.905 MHz
Dipole Antenna for Extended Range
The receiver utilizes two antennas to improve the range of the system
Squelch Control
The receiver features a squelch adjustment knob that controls the threshold for the radio signal that regulates audio output. If the radio signal from the microphone drops below the threshold, the squelch control mutes the audio output to prevent the transmission of radio interference and white noise from entering the speakers

VHF High Band

Operating Frequencies
169.505, 170.245, 171.045, 171.905 MHz

Modulation Mode

Maximum Deviation
±10 kHz

Dynamic Range
90 dB (A-weighted), typical

Operating Range
200' (61.0 m), open range environment with no interfering signals

Operating Temperature Range
40 to 110° F (4 to 43° C), battery performance may be reduced at very low temperatures

Frequency Response
80 to 13,000 Hz

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