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Alfred 44775 German Schauss's Speed Guitar Book with Online Access-Music World Academy

Alfred 44775 German Schauss's Speed Guitar Book with Online Access

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Learn Lightning Fast Alternate Picking and Coordination
Format: Book & Online Audio & Video
Guitarists of all styles, from metal and rock to jazz and acoustic, often feel the need for speed! Many players become pretty fast, and a special few become speed demons. If you want a shortcut to reaching your speed potential, Speed Guitar is the book and online video and audio combo for you!
German "Lightspeeder" Schauss, recognized all over the globe as one of the world's fastest guitarists, takes you through the process. Learn to warm up properly and practice alternate picking using melodic patterns across all the strings over the full fret board of the guitar. You'll even learn how to create and vary your own patterns, and make the vital connection between your mind, picking hand, and fretting hand to enable optimal speed. If rapid-fire guitar licks, scales, and arpeggios are your goals, take this book home, go online and retrieve the video and audio, and start practicing!

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