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Trace Elliot AH300SMX Bass Amp Head-280 Watts-Music World Academy

Trace Elliot AH300SMX Bass Amp Head-280 Watts

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Trace Elliot's SMX Series bass amplifiers are built around the GP12SMX - the world's most advanced bass preamplifier.  It combines tube and solid state input stages, sophisticated tone shaping facilities and dual on board compressors to form the front end of six amplifier heads and six combos.

Key features:
- Switchable input for active or passive instruments
- Continuously variable tube and solid state input stages
- 12 band EQ with 30Hz slider for 5 string basses
- Output level control
- Dual low/high frequency on-board compressors
- EQ balance control
- Mono pre EQ and stereo post EQ balanced DI outputs
- Mono FX loop (1)
- Stereo FX loop (2) with send and return level controls

Additional features:
- Input gain control with 3 stage LED level matching
- Graphic In/Out switch and graphic level control
- Two switchable pre-shaped EQ’s
- EQ balance control
- Standby switch
- Stereo full range outputs
- Mono low pass and stereo high pass and outputs with variable crossover
- Tuner output
- Footswitch socket
- Switch selectable mains voltage (230v/115v)
- Ground lift

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