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John Pearse Acoustic Guitar Pickup-Music World Academy

John Pearse Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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Our new full-spectrum transducer system is designed to accurately reproduce the sound of an acoustic stringed instrument while not changing it's acoustic nature! This John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup is appropriate for any instrument with a vibrating soundboard.

The John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup needs no transducer and no batteries!

The John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup may be mounted permanently inside an instrument, on the underside of the soundboard, using the peel-off adhesive included with the Pickup--or temporarily mounted on the topside and removed after each use, using the special non-marring adhesive included.

Since the placement of the John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup determines the sound of the instrument, it is advisable to experiment with various locations in order to determine your instrument's "sweet-spot". This is particularly important should you wish to permanently mount the Pickup inside the instrument.

You can connect your John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup into your tuner when tuning in loud places too!


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