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GHS A77 Fingerboard Care Kit-Music World Academy

GHS A77 Fingerboard Care Kit

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GHS FINGERBOARD CARE KIT - Guitar maintenance is just as critical to an instrument’s sound and playability as a new set of strings. Clean, smooth frets allow for optimal contact of the strings to your instrument, improving the instrument’s sound and playability. The GHS Fingerboard Care Kit makes it easy to maintain your instrument’s frets and fingerboard.The kit is ideal for all stringed instruments with natural, non-glossy, darker fingerboards. This includes acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitars as well as ukuleles and other fretted instruments. The GHS Fingerboard Care Kit includes a Fret Buffer, GHS Fingerboard Cleaner/Conditioner and a Cloth.

Remove old strings.
Use the “dark” side of the fret buffer to clean your frets (always go up and down using moderate pressure. Be careful not to touch the fingerboard with the buffer).
Use the “light” side of the fret butter to polish your frets.
Use the enclosed cloth to apply the conditioner to the fingerboard. Depending on how dirty the fingerboard is you may need to use more. However, a light covering is usually all that is needed.
Using the same cloth, clean the fingerboard. Making sure you get right up next to the frets to clean any dirt/grime that may have collected next to the frets.
Use a clean/dry section of the cloth to remove the excess conditioner until dry.
Re-string with a new set of GHS Strings!
Note: If you have never cleaned your frets and fingerboard before you may find that the cloth and fret buffer will get dirty quickly. However, with regular cleanings there won’t be as much residue. Use the kit before every string changing as needed.

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