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Stagg 20GAR Electric Guitar Amp with 8" Speaker & Reverb-20 Watts-Music World Academy

Stagg 20GAR Electric Guitar Amp with 8" Speaker & Reverb-20 Watts

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This is a great little amp. The Stagg 20GAR is a compact amp but still loud enough to be heard. With 20watts of power it is a very rich sound and is reasonably priced. It also has a headphone socket so it can still be nice and quiet whilst the budding rock star is in his element.

The sound is fed through a 8" speaker which is protected by a metal front grill. The high impedance guitar instrument input is controlled by a 3-band EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble) plus a separate parametric mid control. The amp as the standard volume & gain controls with and overdrive switch for versatile distortion sounds. The adjustable spring reverb brings an additional effect whilst the headphone output ensures the family are not disturbed. The is also a stereo-jack input for CD/MP3 player

The unit weighs only 8.9 kg and has an overall dimension of 37.5 x 41.5 x 21 cm so this makes for a portable little amp

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