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NAMM 2020

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NAMM 2020

Music World is once again attending the NAMM show which runs from January 16th to 19th, 2020 in Anaheim. One of the biggest music trade shows in the world, the NAMM show serves as a meeting place for all music related businesses where the newest innovations in music, recording, and sound are showcased. Music World will keep you up-to-date with all the new music gear during the show. Follow our Facebook account for up-to-date pictures and videos.

Here are some of the new products to be unveiled at NAMM 2020 (Check back as new products will be added as we get closer to the show):

The Expanded Taylor 200 Series The Expanded Taylor 200 Series: This year marks the release of Taylor’s first 200 Plus Series guitars, beginning with one Dreadnought (210ce Plus) and one Grand Auditorium (214ce Plus). These guitars feature Layered Indian rosewood back and sides with a solid Sitka spruce top. Appointments include gloss finish, black binding, nickel tuners and ES2 electronics. Also comes with the new AeroCase.
Black Mountain Thumb Pick Black Mountain Thumb Pick: The Black Mountain Pick is arguably the first spring loaded thumb pick. The pick is shaped like a conventional flat-pick and is 1.5 mm nylon with beveled edges for speed. However, the spring allows for a universal fit. The pick comfortably fits M, L, and XL right-handed thumbs.
The New Martin SC-13E Guitar The New Martin SC-13E Guitar: Adding a new chapter to its illustrious history, C.F. Martin introduced the convention defying SC-13E, which features a completely new body shape, defined by a cutaway design that completely removes the heel, allowing full access to every fret without contorting the players hand. The unique cutaway is paired with the groundbreaking 'Sure Align' neck system, with a linear dovetail neck joint, that allows for easy adjustments to the action and neck tension.
New Piano Titles from Alfred Music New Piano Titles from Alfred Music: Alfred Music is out with an assortment of new piano titles for worship, education, and both classical and popular music styles. The Advanced Pianist, Books 1-2, offers a series for those students who are beyond the intermediate stage and want to develop an advanced technique and musicality.
Premium Synths Launch in Roland Jupiter-X Series Premium Synths Launch in Roland Jupiter-X Series: New from Roland, the Jupiter-X series delivers a range of premium synthesizers offering a diverse selection of sounds and advanced composition and performance features.
New Technology Comes to Yamaha Silent Bass New Technology Comes to Yamaha Silent Bass: The SLB300SK Silent Bass leads the next generation of electric upright basses, with advancements that allow the bassist to control their sound with the press of a button. Newly incorporated Studio Response Technology (SRT) allows the SLB300SK to model an acoustic bass played through different high-end acoustic microphones, ranging from the clear, warm sound of a dynamic microphone to the well-balanced rich timbre of classic vintage vacuum-tube microphones. The SLB300SK can be broken down into an easily transportable “subway friendly” instrument that can be packed into a TSA case without fear of being damaged en route. It also allows the player to perform in places where they may have previously feared to bring an expensive acoustic instrument, such as an outdoor gig on a hot, humid day.
Sabian Unveils More Sound and More Colour in 2020 Sabian Unveils More Sound and More Colour in 2020: Sabian highlighted new models for 2020 including the AAX 15" Thin Hats, HHX Complex 21" and 22" Thin Rides and 10" Splash, and FRX 18" Chinese and 10" Splash. Two new Sabian flat rides share a Chick Corea connection and inspiration: The 18" Royalty Ride involves the legendary Roy Haynes and the 21" Urban Ride was developed in collaboration with Dave Weckl. Sabian also introduced the new Graphic Cymbal series which unlike most coloured cymbals attempted over the years, Sabian Graphics' tone is virtually unaffected by their distinctive finish.
Latin Percussion Present the Toro Bravo Cajon Latin Percussion Present the Toro Bravo Cajon: Latin Percussion’s Woodshop and rhythmist, Efrain Toro have come together to create the USA made Toro Bravo Cajon. Constructed by a small team of passionate, California based craftsmen, using high grade materials the Toro Bravo Cajon, is an exceptional instrument that incorporates proprietary design elements and innovative, patented technology to deliver three distinct tones with ease.
D-42 Purple Martin Flamed Myrtle Guitar D-42 Purple Martin Flamed Myrtle Guitar: The D-42 Purple Martin Flamed Myrtle is the fourth in the Purple Martin series. The “Purple Martin” theme is inspired by the purple martin bird of Pennsylvania, where Martin Guitar's headquarters and factory are located. Limited to 100 instruments, this head-turning model includes 42-style pearl inlay throughout and highly decorative inlay on the fingerboard and pickguard of the purple martin bird and mountain laurel flowers, the state flower of Pennsylvania.
Signature Yamaha Snare for Steve Gadd Signature Yamaha Snare for Steve Gadd: To commemorate its more than 40-year relationship with renowned Yamaha Artist Steve Gadd, Yamaha has created the Steve Gadd Signature Snare Drum. This special snare - 14" x 5.5" steel shell - features a new Steve Gadd 10-strand wire to enhance articulation.
Gibson unveils a brand new collaboration with Slash Gibson unveils a brand new collaboration with Slash: Gibson and Slash are proud to present the new Slash Collection of signature guitars. These models represent electric and acoustic guitars Slash has played before millions of fans during his career and influenced multiple generations of players around the world. Inspired by Slash, built by Gibson, and now, played by you.
The Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster The Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster: From acoustic shape-shifting to an increased selection of rhythm and lead tones, the newest member of the Acoustasonic family offers a unique set of Strat-inspired electric voicings plus the undeniable look and feel of our iconic Stratocaster body shape. Handcrafted in Corona, CA, the Acoustasonic Stratocaster delivers a curated collection of acoustic and electric voices never heard before in a single instrument. The Fender and Fishman-designed Acoustic Engine powers the Acoustasonic Stratocaster and offers a unique set of Strat-inspired electric lead and rhythm tones. With a mahogany Stratocaster neck and signature body cut, the Acoustasonic Stratocaster offers the unmistakable look and feel of this iconic model.
Check out the new Deering Goodtime Jr. Check out the new Deering Goodtime Jr.: Deering has introduced the new Goodtime Jr. models of banjos which will be available in Sinbad Purple, Chevy Orange, and Seawater Teal.
New Yamaha NX Series Nylon String Guitars New Yamaha NX Series Nylon String Guitars: As with the previous NX Series, the new series will be offered in NCX and NTX body shapes. The NTX models (NTX1, NTX3, and NTX5) were designed to make it easy for electric and steel-string acoustic guitar players to add the warmth and beauty of nylon-string sounds to their tonal palettes. NTX guitars have slimmer bodies, shallower neck profiles, and narrower fingerboards than classical guitars, providing a more familiar playing experience, while 22-fret and 24-fret (NTX5) necks extend their range beyond that of standard nylon-string instruments. The NCX models (NCX1, NCX3, and NCX5) have classical-style neck profiles and fingerboards, and were designed primarily for experienced nylon-string players in search of superior amplified sound. All include strap pins.
New Taylor V-Class Grand Orchestra Models New Taylor V-Class Grand Orchestra Models: Design architect Andy Powers has adapted his award-winning V-Class architecture for Taylor’s biggest, deepest body shape, the Grand Orchestra, and updated the aesthetic. The Sound: Andy leaned into the GO’s naturally big, deep voice, combining V-Class with the guitar’s huge lung capacity to bolster the sonic horsepower even more. In addition to improved sustain and intonation, V-Class enhances the touch sensitivity, allowing the top to be set in motion easily and giving it phenomenal dynamic range. Players who tune down also will love the voicing.
Orange Amps Releases the Little Bass Thing Orange Amps Releases the Little Bass Thing: Orange Amplification is delighted to introduce the Little Bass Thing. A straightforward, lightweight bass amp, designed with the modern bass player in mind. The amp is 500W’s of Class D muscle, combined with a powerful, solid state pre-amp, packed snugly into a diminutive 3KG package. This tiny toolbox amplifier delivers maximum tone with minimum fuss.
PRS Guitars Brings McCarty 594 Instruments to the S2 Series PRS Guitars Brings McCarty 594 Instruments to the S2 Series: PRS Guitars has announced three exciting new additions to their S2 Series lineup: the S2 McCarty 594, S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut, and S2 McCarty 594 Thinline. Designed to capture the heart of the McCarty family of instruments and stay true to the unique spirit of the S2 Series, these new solidbody electrics deliver vintage-inspired appointments with the precision of PRS’s modern manufacturing techniques and trusted craftsmanship. These guitars also represent the first time a McCarty model has been offered outside of the PRS Private Stock and Core lines. The S2 McCarty 594 family can seamlessly master authentic humbucking tones and nuanced, sweet single-coil sounds, thanks to their 58/15 “S” pickups and dual volume and push/pull tone controls. This versatile tonal set up is backed by modern construction, so these guitars play in tune, stay in tune, and are intonated the entire length of the neck. Each of the S2 McCarty 594 instruments feature 22-fret mahogany necks with bound rosewood fretboards, as well as the PRS zinc two-piece bridge and vintage-style tuners. Both maple top versions, double and single cut, sport a Pattern Vintage neck shape. The all-new S2 McCarty 594 Thinline features a thinner, one-piece, all-mahogany body and a Pattern Thin neck shape.
Roland GO:LIVECAST Live Streaming Studio for Smartphones Roland GO:LIVECAST Live Streaming Studio for Smartphones: With just GO:LIVECAST and your phone, you have the core tools you need to stream pro-quality live shows on Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. Mix sound, display titles, play media, trigger sound effects, and more, all without a computer and costly A/V gear. From music performances and Q&A sessions to beauty, cooking, and other types of shows, GO:LIVECAST is the simple solution to produce engaging livestreams that rival the most advanced creators on social media.
Introducing Mackie SRM V-Class Introducing Mackie SRM V-Class: SRM | V-Class High-Performance Powered Loudspeakers are a whole new tier of SRM portable loudspeakers that aren’t just made to get the job done, but to get it done better than anything else with unmatched clarity, output, and control packaged into sleek, rugged enclosures.
BOSS Advances Guitar Synth Design BOSS Advances Guitar Synth Design: The new BOSS SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer, an advanced synthesizer and modeling processor for guitar and bass, features a newly developed Dynamic Synth and refreshed versions of historic BOSS/Roland instrument modeling and synthesizer technologies. Leveraging custom DSP and GK independent string processing, the SY-1000 offers ultra-articulate tracking, lightning-fast response, and instantly variable tuning. SY-1000 users can build patches with three simultaneous instruments--each with a number of distinctive types to choose from--and combine them for an endless range of sounds. Fed by the processor's 13-pin GK input, every instrument offers an extensive set of parameters for tone shaping, mixing, and tuning. Ten oscillator waveforms are available, plus six filter types, amplifier control, two LFOs, and two 16-part step sequencers for automating pitch, filter, and amplitude parameters. Complementing the Dynamic Synth are two additional synth instruments. OSC Synth is an analog-style engine with numerous filter options and full ADSR control. Also included is a faithful sonic re-creation of the GR-300, Roland's legendary analog guitar synth from the early 1980s. The SY-1000's instrument models include a large selection of classic electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, each with independent tuning, EQ, virtual amp settings, and more.
Yamaha Expands 'Casual Wind Instruments' Family Yamaha Expands 'Casual Wind Instruments' Family: Yamaha has added the Alto Venova to its family of "casual wind instruments." Highly portable, the Alto Venova blends the simplicity of a recorder with the rich tone of a saxophone in an ABS resin body. Like the original Venova introduced in 2017, the new Alto Venova features a unique branched-pipe structure that yields rich timbre with plenty of volume. Easy, recorder-style fingering makes it ideal for inexperienced musicians experimenting with a reed instrument, as compared to traditional wind instruments. Seasoned players will appreciate the addition of a real alto saxophone mouthpiece and reed, allowing for better control of its sound and pitch. Designed with a larger body, the new model is given a lower sound range with darker, richer tones than the original Venova. As a single-reed instrument, the Alto Venova is capable of playing everything from powerful passages to beautifully soft, expressive melodies.
Korg Debuts wavestate Wave Sequencing Synth Korg Debuts wavestate Wave Sequencing Synth: Featuring a dramatically expanded Wave Sequencing engine, Korg's new wavestate digital synthesizer delivers astonishing, ever-changing sounds with extensive hands-on control. wavestate builds on technology Korg developed in the early '90s that transforms raw samples into patterns and sounds, along with Vector synthesis, which offered a new level of control with four-way crossfading of sounds and parameters. But far from a nostalgic reissue, the wavestate is designed from the ground up for a new generation of musicians, producers, and composers; taking cues from sources as diverse as modular synths, groove boxes, and algorithmic composition. Bursting with knobs and controllers, the wavestate invites users to explore all the basics; filter, envelopes, LFOs, and effects at their fingertips with dedicated front-panel controls. A front-panel button, marked by a "dice" icon, generates new sounds via intelligent randomization. Major features include Korg's proprietary Wavesequncing 2.0, deep modulation capabilities, 64-note polyphony, and up to four parts and 14 effects simultaneously, the most in the category. The compact form-factor, with 37 full-size keys transports easily and fits neatly into any stage, studio, or desktop setup. Six GB of PCM delivers more than 700 sounds and 240 performances, plus there are 1,000 Wavesequences to explore and storage for more than 10,000 performances.
Yamaha Updates EAD10 Firmware Yamaha Updates EAD10 Firmware: Yamaha has released free downloadable V2 firmware for its EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module, adding new creative functionality and customizable settings for drum recording, rehearsal, and teaching applications. Introduced in 2017, the EAD10 was the first-ever stand-alone acoustic drum module system enabling drummers to easily capture the sounds of an acoustic drumset with a single microphone/trigger component attached to a powerful digital processor. Central to the EAD10 experience is the free Rec'n'Share iOS/Android app, which allows players to create stunning audio and video and easily share it directly from a smart device. The updated version adds a TalkBack function, which raises the gain on the microphone and mutes any effects, plus customizable parameters and the ability to enhance a drumset using low volume heads and cymbals. Players can now record for 90 minutes straight into the USB drive, and the click function is now routable to the main stereo outputs and/or USB audio output, providing the option of having the click track in performances and recordings. New options facilitate reducing unwanted background/ambient noise, hum and/or hiss from the mics.
Tascam Teams With iZotope Tascam Teams With iZotope: Tascam will bundle its black DR-10L Micro Linear PCM Recorder with a free full version of iZotope's groundbreaking audio repair and noise reduction tool, RX Elements. The DR-10L/RX Elements bundle brings a powerful recording and editing workflow solution to live productions where ambient noise and environmental distractions are common post-production challenges, including weddings and on-location films. The Tascam DR-10L is an ultra-compact, convenient digital recorder/lavalier microphone combo that is ideal for use as an invisible backup recorder for any type of live production. Critically acclaimed for its compact and lightweight design, simple and easy setup, long battery life, and professional quality audio captured to a micro SD card, the DR-10L stands apart from all other products in its category as the ideal all-in-one capture-and-record solution.
New Finishes For Ludwig Breakbeats New Finishes For Ludwig Breakbeats: Ludwig's new Sahara Swirl finish adds a fresh, dynamic look to the popular Breakbeats line of drumkits. Designed with the city in mind, their compact footprint creates a setup perfect for sculpting grooves in tight spaces. Other features of the Breakbeats Series include Remo Pinstripe heads for pro-level tones, multi-purpose bags for easy transport, and drum muting. With a fresh new finish option and hardware upgrades, Breakbeats continues to make the perfect apartment-friendly drumkit. Breakbeats drums broke onto the scene in 2012 as the vision of Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson of The Roots and has since become a go-to for the metropolitan professional.
Rhythm Tech Djembe With Snares, Throw-Off Rhythm Tech Djembe With Snares, Throw-Off: Rhythm Tech has introduced the world's first djembe with an internal snare and a single-lever throw-off. This feature empowers players to go from traditional djembe to a modern backbeat with a quick flip of the lever, accessing a wide range of sonic soundscapes with a single instrument, making it a great addition to any drummer or percussionist's setup. The new 12" Rhythm Tech Palma Djembe Selvato is a high-quality PVC djembe that delivers excellent attack and projection, warm highs, punchy mids, and booming lows. Its top-tuning hardware makes tuning a breeze with a standard drum key, eliminating the need for special wrenches. It's also equipped with a comfortably positioned rim.
New On-Stage Dynamic Mics New On-Stage Dynamic Mics: On-Stage is showing two new handheld dynamic microphones at NAMM. The AS400v2 Dynamic Mic features a mute switch that can be turned on and off conveniently on the mic itself. It comes complete with a 20' cable and a mic clip for use with mic stands. The AS420v2 Wide-Range Dynamic Mic delivers a broad frequency response to produce a well-rounded amplified sound. Like the AS400v2, the AS420v2 comes with a 20' cable and a mic clip for use with mic stands.
Martin Enhances Modern Deluxe Series Martin Enhances Modern Deluxe Series: Martin's award-winning Modern Deluxe Series was introduced at Winter NAMM 2019, and the company has received universal praise for marrying vintage appointments including a VTS top with modern upgrades such as a titanium truss rod. This year, Martin has added all-new Fishman Aura VT Blend electronics to offer players more control over the voice of the guitar than ever before. It utilizes Aura HD Imaging to provide stunning realism and delivers a new level of performance for direct recording in live situations. The stage-ready Modern Deluxe Series with electronics is offered in four models: the D-28E, 000-28E, OM-28E, and D-18E. All are strung with Martin Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 strings.
Shubb Gold "Capo Royale" Shubb Gold "Capo Royale": For many years Shubb has received requests for a gold-plated Shubb Capo. While gold is undeniably beautiful, it is not durable, wearing off easily and quickly. And it is famously expensive. But Shubb has researched a high-tech finishing technique that utilizes titanium to produce a capo that has all the beauty of real gold but is as durable as any metal finish in the world. Shubb has dubbed the new line "Capo Royale," and these capos will shine like gold for many, many years. They're available in two distinct finishes: Gold and Rose Gold.
Ibanez Updates AZ Premium Line Ibanez Updates AZ Premium Line: The technical specifications of Ibanez's new AZ Premium guitars remains largely unchanged from the previous generation's with features such as basswood bodies, oval C roasted maple necks, and Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups (HH or SSH configurations). However, the aesthetics of the 2020 AZ Premium lineup have been completely overhauled with a variety of new finishes and top woods, blending traditional designs with modern looks to offer five guitars with superb playability, quality tone, and exciting visuals. Other features include dyna-MIX9 or dynaMIX10 switching system w/Alter Switch, luminescent side dot inlay, Graph Tech nut, Gotoh hardware, and included gig bag.
On-Stage Wall-Mounted Guitar Hangers On-Stage Wall-Mounted Guitar Hangers: On-Stage's new GS8730 Wall-Mounted Guitar Hangers provide instant and safe access to guitars and basses in a space-saving design. The EVA-padded yoke provides double protection for an instrument: the ample padding cradles an instrument's headstock while the weight-sensing automatic lock gates off access. To unlock the instrument, a player simply lifts it up and away. The hangers are available in five finishes--Natural, Black, Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut--and feature high-quality wooden components to complement any studio or music room. A versatile, easy-mounting kit and simplified instructions for connecting to studs (recommended) or sheetrock (via drywall anchors) are included.
LP Matador Whiskey Barrel Congas And Matching Bongos LP Matador Whiskey Barrel Congas And Matching Bongos: New from Latin Percussion, LP Matador Whiskey Barrel Congas and matching Bongos are made to match the company's exclusive Matador Whiskey Barrel Cajon. Both the Bongo Set (M201-WB) and Congas (M750S-WB) are constructed using three-ply New Zealand pine shells, which provide a very focused sound. All come with rawhide heads and 5/16" diameter tuning lugs. The bongo set is fitted with traditional rims and a steel backing plate and features plated cast aluminum bottoms. The congas are fitted with Matador Soft Strike Rims and signature Matador horned side plates. These drums are an excellent choice for any musician looking for unique styling and professional-quality sound at an affordable price.
Fender Launches Flagship American Ultra Series Fender Launches Flagship American Ultra Series: Fender's newly launched American Ultra Series is an updated version of the Elite Series. All-new modern features include Noiseless pickups, fast neck, and a newly contoured body for added comfort--the first significant alteration to the iconic Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster body shapes in decades. The "Modern D" neck has a compound-radius fingerboard, smooth American Ultra satin back finish, and extremely rolled edges, making it slim and fast, yet ergonomic and comfortable. New back body curves offer hours of gigging comfort while a super-sculpted neck heel gives players unparalleled access to the upper register of the fingerboard. Two types of innovative noiseless pickups are available: Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups deliver authentic Fender single-coil sound--without hum--and Ultra Noiseless Hot pickups offer modern performance and classic tone. The HiMass bridge delivers serious sustain, precise intonation and improved tuning stability. A brand-new Double Tap Humbucker with an overwound coil ensures matched volume between pickups in coil split mode. A redesigned preamp on American Ultra basses features three bands of active boost/cut. The seven models of American Ultra guitars are available in a choice of Cobra Blue, Mocha Burst, Texas Tea, Arctic Pearl, Aged Natural, Plasma Red Burst, and Ultraburst.
Traynor 20th Tube Amp Reissue Traynor 20th Tube Amp Reissue: Traynor Amplifiers is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its classic YCV40 tube amp--which was released in 2000 and became the longest-running guitar amp series in the company's 56-year history--by introducing its new YCV4050. Designed and built in Canada, the YCV4050 contains a 12" Celestion Creamback speaker and hand-selected 12AX7 and 6L6GC tubes. An auto-matching tube circuit maintains the bias balance as tubes age, ensuring hum-free performance throughout tube life. Throughout their history, YCV series amps have been issued in black, blue, and wine red. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the YCV4050 is finished in emerald green leatherette with an oatmeal grill and "chicken beak" knobs.
Disney's Frozen II Songbooks Disney's Frozen II Songbooks: Hal Leonard has released matching folios for Disney's Frozen II, the long-awaited sequel to the blockbuster movie. The Frozen II soundtrack is once again penned by the Academy Award-winning team of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Robert Lopez worked directly with Hal Leonard editors to personally approve all the arrangements in the songbooks. These souvenir folios also feature beautiful full-color scenes from the film. The Frozen II soundtrack features seven original songs sung by the cast, which includes Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Gross, and Evan Rachel-Wood. In addition, there are three end-credit songs performed by Panic! At the Disco, Kacey Musgraves, and Weezer.
Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Recorder Mixer Ideal Podcasting Solution Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Recorder Mixer Ideal Podcasting Solution: The new Zoom LiveTrak L-8 portable digital mixer and recorder was specifically designed for podcasting and music recording in the studio or on the go. It combines a digital mixer with eight-input channels with a multi-track recorder capable of recording up to 12 tracks simultaneously. It can be used as a 12-in / 4-out USB audio interface even while recording to an SD card. Whether recording to the SD card or computer, it saves separate files for each input, providing added flexibility for editing and mixing in post-production. Podcasters can connect up to four pairs of headphones to the L-8's outputs. In addition to the master output mix, the L-8 has three independent monitor mixes, enabling different mixes to be sent to individual musicians, participants, and performers. Sound effects are a necessity for podcasters, and the L-8 has 6 sound pads that can be used to play intros, jingles, sound effects, and more. The user can select from the 13 sounds provided or download their own sound. Each pad can hold up to two hours of sound. The L-8 is particularly useful for remote podcasts. Equipped with a smartphone connection jack and an included TRRS cable, it can easily accommodate with call-in guests. The Mix-Minus function automatically prevents echo and feedback to and from the caller. The USB connection makes it possible to route audio from Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, Slack, and more. Powered with four AA batteries for up to 2-1/2 hours, the L-8 is the ultimate "take anywhere" recorder and mixer. For longer recording sessions, there is a USB battery. If the USB battery dies, the unit automatically switches to the AA battery power. There is also an included wall-power adapter.
D'Addario XT Strings Combine Durability & Tone D'Addario XT Strings Combine Durability & Tone: To the popular XL, EXP, and NYXL string lines, D'Addario is adding the D'Addario XT line, billed as the company's most technologically advanced series of strings. The XT Series is available for electric, acoustic, classical, bass, and folk instruments. D'Addario's R&D department has combined innovations such as extended-life treatments, extra-durable NY Steel core wire, and Fusion Twists into one string, ending the tradeoff between corrosion-resistant coatings and natural tone and playability. D'Addario XT, the first portfolio in the series, combines high carbon steel cores and popular alloys with an extended-life treatment on every string, delivering enhanced break resistance, pitch stability, and long-lasting performance.
VOX Cambridge50 Guitar Amplifier VOX Cambridge50 Guitar Amplifier: The new VOX Cambridge50 is a modern modeling guitar amplifier powered by Nutube and Celestion for powerful and responsive tones. Its simple design allows users to easily dial in settings on the face of the amp or save favorite settings as presets. It offers 11 amp models and eight built-in effects (between modulation and delay/reverb) and a built in tuner. Combined with Nutube in the preamp section, Virtual Element Technology ("VET") modeling technology delivers realistic and stage-ready sounds featuring the distinctive distortion and response of a tube amp. The open-back cabinet equipped with a custom VOX-voiced Celestion 12" speaker also provides crisp guitar tones. Other features include an AUX input, USB audio interface, and headphone/line output with cabinet simulator. The preset mode allows users to instantly recall stage-ready sounds, and the manual mode applies the physical knob positions just like a conventional amp. A LINE model is also provided to support acoustic-electric guitars and keyboards, further expanding the amp's versatility.
Gator Guitar Pedal Power Supply Series Gator Guitar Pedal Power Supply Series: Gator Cases' new Guitar Pedal Power Supply Series offers a unique and stylish power bank solution for pedalboards The GTR-PWR-5 guitar pedal power supply delivers five quiet isolated outputs rated at 120mA each for powering effects pedals, tuners, and other accessories (600 mA Max Output). The GTR-PWR-8 guitar pedal power supply delivers eight quiet isolated outputs rated for powering effects pedals, tuners, and other accessories (2 x 4~9V DC @ 120mA, 3 x 9/12V @ 120mA, 1 x 9/18V DC @ 250mA, 1 x 9/12V DC @ 250mA, 1 x 12V AC @ 500mA (1600 mA Max Output). The heavy-duty metal enclosure keeps pedals powered in any situation, with vented slots to allow for heat dissipation. When traveling internationally, simply select between 115/230 volts for mains power input voltage to ensure safe operation with the particular wall outlet. The power switch with LED indicator light makes powering down a rig a snap, eliminating the need to unplug the power cable from hard-to-reach areas when finished. The GTR-PWR-8 can also be mounted directly to the pedalboard using its integrated mounting holes.
Fishman Debuts PowerTap Series Pickup Systems Fishman Debuts PowerTap Series Pickup Systems: Fishman's groundbreaking new PowerTap Earth and PowerTap Infinity pickup systems are designed to empower acoustic guitarists to expand their playing technique with new percussive elements and tactile dynamics. When combined with either a Matrix Infinity or Rare Earth pickup, the system's Tap body sensor opens up a new palette of sounds, interaction, and color for players of all styles without the concerns of feedback and other unwanted artifacts that have plagued earlier systems. The new PowerTap Infinity pickup system combines the superior performance and tone of the Fishman industry-standard Matrix Infinity undersaddle pickup system with the new Tap body sensor. A redesigned sealed enclosure for the soundhole-mounted Volume and Tone control module allows players to make effortless adjustments to their sound. The preamp's voicing switch has been relocated and made easily accessible so players can accommodate different types of guitars, amplification choices, playing styles and performance situations. The PowerTap Earth pickup system combines the easy installation, superior performance, and warm, transparent sound of the popular Fishman Rare Earth humbucker with the new Tap body sensor. Other PowerTap Earth features include active electronics, long life miniature batteries and a neodymium magnet structure for exceptional string balance and clarity. Both systems feature an easily adjustable Blend control that can mix the sound of the Rare Earth or Infinity and Tap signals in mono. Alternatively, players can run the individual pickup and TAP body sensor signals into separate channels simply by using a stereo cable. This feature allows players to add separate effects, level control, and EQ to each pickup independently to create a striking soundscape of tones from a single instrument.
Ibanez Artwood Fingerstyle Acoustic Series Ibanez Artwood Fingerstyle Acoustic Series: The Artwood Fingerstyle guitar series from Ibanez comprises two grand concerts, a dreadnought, and a grand concert baritone. All feature a solid spruce top, either pau ferro or okoume back and sides, a five-piece pau ferro/mahogany neck, an ebony bridge and fretboard, a bone nut and saddle, and an innovative two-pickup system. In addition to its under-saddle pickup, each employs a special block contact pickup at the neck joint that greatly enhances the bass response of the electronics and enriches the intensity of percussive hits to the guitar's body. To maximize the utility of both pickups, Artwood Fingerstyle guitars feature stereo outputs. When only the main (endpin) output is used, both pickups' signals run in mono to that output. When both outputs are used, the under-saddle pickup's signal goes to the main output and the block contact pickup's signal goes to the second output. This allows the player to direct their strumming and chord tones to one audio source and their bass and percussive elements to another. The player can also shape their tone through independent volume controls for each pickup.
Hal Leonard Presents The Elise Ecklund Songbook Hal Leonard Presents The Elise Ecklund Songbook: In The Elise Ecklund Songbook, Hal Leonard offers a new title from one of the foremost ukulele bloggers and influencers. Known for her video tutorials, cover songs, and more, Elise Ecklund has more than one million subscribers and 100 million views on YouTube. Featuring Ecklund's favorite songs to play on the ukulele, The Elise Ecklund Songbook offers arrangements of popular songs from Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and more, with chords and strumming patterns included.
TAMA Sizzle Touch Hi-Hat Drop Clutch TAMA Sizzle Touch Hi-Hat Drop Clutch: New from Tama, the Sizzle Touch Hi-Hat Drop Clutch offers drummers an easy-to-use solution for greater control over their hi-hat sound. The Drop Clutch's variable setting controls the amount of "sizzle" on the open hat sound. Setting the clutch to a more closed position creates a tighter sound, while the open position produces more slosh. The device also allows for running a closed hi-hat while playing double bass with its easy on/off lever. The lever can be quickly engaged or disengaged as needed throughout the course of a gig or practice.
Latin Percussion Introduces Three New Cajons Latin Percussion Introduces Three New Cajons: Latin Percussion has introduced three new cajons. Allowing players to play in a drumset position, new LP Box Kit Cajons can be played with hands or cajon brushes to create an infinite number of grooves. The different tone zones include independent bass, mid and high sound boards allowing for the ultimate distinction with no cross talk. The snare mechanism can be adjusted with a drum key and allows a snare sound on multiple surfaces. Both the 6 and 3-zone Box Kit cajons feature red meranti soundboards on a birch body. LP's Woodshop Carbon Fiber String Cajon has a baltic birch body with an inset space-grade carbon fiber soundboard making it possibly the most durable cajon in the market today. It delivers a focused, bright tone with the level of volume preferred by many flamenco style players. The six tunable, phosphor bronze strings of the LP's Woodshop Carbon Fiber String Cajon add searing sizzle and snap to propel the music.
Electro-Harmonix Triple Foot Controller Electro-Harmonix Triple Foot Controller: The new Triple Foot Controller from Electro-Harmonix facilitates remote control over functions in pedals that are equipped with an external foot control jack. Depending on the pedal it's plugged into, the Triple Foot Controller can control tasks such as setting tap tempo, toggling through programs, mode selection and more. It works with Electro-Harmonix pedals as well as those made by other manufacturers. The EHX pedals it's compatible with include: 720 Looper--Grand Canyon Delay & Looper; Mod Rex Polyrhythmic Modulator--Bank Up, Bank Down, Tap Tempo; Superego+ Synth Engine--Bypass, Effect On/Off, Freeze Stop, Scroll Thru Modes; and Super Pulsar--Tap Tempo, Scroll Thru Presets and WYSIWYG, Scroll Thru Expression Modes, Scroll Thru Tap Divisions, Toggle xRATE, Toggle Wave Invert, Bypass. The Triple Foot Controller's compact footprint saves space while its cast construction provides durability. It's easy-to-use and comes equipped with a TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) cable.
Promark Expands Firegrain Technology To 747 Sticks Promark Expands Firegrain Technology To 747 Sticks: Promark has extended its FireGrain Drumstick technology to its popular 747 stick profile. One of Promark's most popular options, the Classic 747 is the go-to choice for many legendary drummers. Measuring .551" in diameter, like Promark's Classic 5A model, the Classic 747 features an extra 1/4" length, as well as a thicker taper and large oval tip, making it capable of crossing genres and playing styles with ease. FireGrain, introduced in 2017, is Promark's patented revolutionary "heat-tempering" process that turns ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with exceptional durability.
Toca Custom Deluxe Congas And Bongos Toca Custom Deluxe Congas And Bongos: The creative team at Toca Percussion has expanded the color range of their popular Custom Deluxe Wood conga series to include a stunning Sahara Gold finish. Bathed in a clear coat and hand polished to glisten, the interplay of the various shades of gold and the sophisticated black nickel hardware erupts under the stage lights and grabs the audience's attention like a beacon. Percussionists have long appreciated the added volume and resonance born from the contemporary Afro-Cuban profile of Custom Deluxe Wood drums. Available in a 12.5" tumba, 11.75" conga, 11" quinto, and matching 7" and 8.5" bongos, these Asian oak shells are outfitted with such pro features as high-luster chrome hardware, matched top-grade natural bison heads, and EasyPlay hoops, an ergonomic solution that never compromises traditional tone or resonance. The new Sahara Gold color option joins the existing Natural Gloss, Transparent Blue, and Black Sparkle finishes for Custom Deluxe Wood congas and bongos.
Tama Star Reserve Hand Hammered Brass Snare Tama Star Reserve Hand Hammered Brass Snare: The latest addition to Tama's Star Reserve snare drum series features a 5.5x14 1.5mm hand-hammered brass shell. The hammering on the model TBRS1455H snare drum's shell is achieved by using two different size ball peen hammers. The larger size is used on the middle portion of the shell, creating more flexibility, while the smaller hammer is used towards the edges for more rigidity. Overall, the hammering pattern diffuses sonic reflections leading to a dry, airier tone. The 1.5mm custom Brass Mighty Hoops support a focused sound, control overtones, impart just the right amount of bite, and complement the inherent musicality of this artisan-crafted snare drum. The TBRS1455H snare drum is equipped with Super Sensitive high-carbon snare wire.
Yorkville Adds Subwoofer To Synergy Array Series Yorkville Adds Subwoofer To Synergy Array Series: Canadian pro audio manufacturer Yorkville Sound has expanded its Synergy Array Series with the new Synergy SA221S. This powerful dual 21" subwoofer is the perfect low-end companion to the Synergy Array series, Yorkville's largest and most powerful point-source system to date. The Synergy SA221S contains two premium high-excursion 21" neodymium woofers housed in a bass reflex enclosure. The cabinet can be orientated vertically or stacked horizontally depending on the setup requirements. The SA221S can be used to supplement Synergy Series systems consisting of SA153 tops and SA315S subs, extending the system's frequency response down to 30 Hz with usable output to 25 Hz without sacrificing transient or musical definition. Alternately, the SA221S can be crossed over directly to the SA153 top. Voiced for all live and DJ music, the SA221S excels where high output and deep bass extension is a must.
Yamaha Expands Desktop Amp Series Yamaha Expands Desktop Amp Series: Yamaha has expanded its desktop guitar amp series with the THR-II series, comprising the THR10II, THR10II Wireless, and THR30II models. Offering exceptional sound and responsiveness at any volume, the THR-II series delivers three times as many realistically modeled tube-amp sounds as the original THR10, plus new wireless features, more power, and a refreshed, stylish design that complements any home décor. The THR30II Wireless also includes stereo 1/4" line outputs for additional flexibility. THR-II amplifiers employ Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology to provide 15 different amp tones, three modeled microphone sounds for acoustic-electric guitars, three bass amp models, and three flat voicings for use with other instruments. Stompbox-style modulation effects and studio-quality reverbs and delays allow players to further enhance their tones. Stereo reverbs and audio playback utilize Extended Stereo Technology, resulting in a more immersive listening experience than standard stereo. All three THR-II desktop amplifiers provide Bluetooth support for audio playback and more. The THR30II Wireless and THR10II Wireless also feature a built-in rechargeable battery and an integrated wireless receiver which, when combined with an optional Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter, offer players a fully cable-free experience. There's also a USB port for direct recording and playback, and THR amps come bundled with Steinberg software for desktop and mobile recording.
Levy's Debuts New Guitar Strap Series At NAMM Levy's Debuts New Guitar Strap Series At NAMM: At 2020 Winter NAMM, Levy's will showcase 60 brand-new straps. New color options have been added to the popular, patent-pending Right Height Line with RipChord Technology, which enables the player to easily adjust the strap with a quick pull of the handle. Also new, Levy's Naturals series of vegan-friendly straps are made with sustainable hemp and cork. The all-natural straps will feature artistically inspired designs along with a surprise feature for fans. Another highlight, Levy's new line of kids straps are designed expressly for the next generation of rock stars. Levy's will also introduce new colorful and stylish instrument case straps for band and orchestra musicians looking to show off their personality and school spirit.
Kaplan Strings For Fractional Instruments Kaplan Strings For Fractional Instruments: Kaplan strings have historically been available for full-sized instruments, but now players of smaller instruments can also enjoy the benefits of these high-end strings. D'Addario Orchestral has expanded its premium Kaplan string family to include fractional violin and viola sizes. Kaplan fractional strings are designed specifically for aspiring and advancing players who are looking to access additional tonal range and versatility. The Kaplan brand includes two premium options, Amo and Vivo, offering players a combination of beauty and power. Kaplan Amo provides warmth, richness, and flexibility while Kaplan Vivo delivers brilliance, clarity, and a robust feel. Kaplan strings provide the ultimate customization of sound and response, allowing the player to reach the height of their potential. Kaplan users can choose between Amo and Vivo to either balance out or accentuate an instrument's natural sound.
BOSS Waza-Air Personal Amplification System BOSS Waza-Air Personal Amplification System: The innovative new Waza-Air Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System, a wearable, over-ear, 100% wireless headphone sound system for guitarists restores the natural dimension, resonance, and "moving air" feel to provide an engaging and inspiring monitoring environment for the player. An integrated gyro sensor tracks head movements as the user plays, driving sophisticated 3D algorithms that produce an immersive sound field with extraordinary spatial realism. Waza-Air features tones and controls from the stage-class Katana amplifiers, with full customization available using the free BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android. Five amp types deliver tones from classic clean to high gain, plus a full-range voice that's ideal for bass or acoustic-electric guitar. More than 50 effect types are available as well, including mod, delay, and reverb effects optimized for Waza-Air's unique spatial experience. Built-in Bluetooth lets the user jam along with songs from their mobile device. When used with Stage mode, the streaming music plays from the backline along with the amp sound, simulating a live performance environment.
Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine Pedal Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine Pedal: The new BASS9 Bass Machine from Electro-Harmonix transforms a guitar into nine different basses and requires no special pickups, MIDI, or instrument modifications. It relies on the same technology powering all EHX 9 Series pedals but features a new algorithm maximized for transposing one to two octaves down with superior dynamics and tracking. A rotary switch allows the user to select the sound of their choice: Precision pays homage to the iconic Fender P Bass; Longhorn emulates the Danelectro six-string bass, ideal for baritone type tones; Fretless features both electric and standup fretless basses; Synth pays tribute to the classic Taurus Synthesizer; Virtual lets the user adjust the bass's body density and neck length for a variety of bass sounds; Bowed delivers the classic bowed bass or cello; Split Bass makes it possible to play bass on the lower strings (all notes below F#3) and chords or melody with the higher strings; 3:03 is a polyphonic salute to the iconic Roland TB-303 vintage bass synth; Flip-Flop is inspired by EHX's Octave Multiplexer, providing a '70s-style logic-driven sub-octave generator that tracks without glitches. Independent Effect and Dry volume controls let guitarists precisely tune their mix at the Effects output jack, plus an always-active Dry output jack outputs the input signal at unity gain. Controls 1 and 2 adjust specific parameters for each of the nine programs.
Snark "All Instrument" Clip-On Tuner Snark "All Instrument" Clip-On Tuner: The new Snark ST-8HZ "Super Tight" Chromatic All-Instrument Clip-On Tuner is designed for any instrument with a headstock: electric, acoustic, classical, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, violin, or upright bass. Its high-speed processor recognizes individual notes and strings with a high degree of accuracy and offers two tuning modes: conventional fast-response auto-note display with stable and accurate graduation or, in the Hertz Tuning mode, pinpoint, precision accuracy, calibrated between 415 - 466Hz. The ball-joint housing of the bright, colored, high-resolution LCD screen allows a full 360-degree rotation and is ideal for lefthanded guitarists or players who prefer to read the display from the rear of the headstock. A transpose feature is invaluable for guitar players using a capo, and can be calibrated to instruments with a fixed pitch like such as acoustic piano.
New Selmer Paris Alto Saxophones New Selmer Paris Alto Saxophones: Henri Selmer Paris is introducing several new Paris-made saxophones. The Axos Professional Alto features a mini-rib construction, making it light and responsive. This sax is outfitted with leather pads with metal resonators, and is shipped with a Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece as well as a lightweight backpack case. The Axos is ideal for the advancing student and ensemble work, as well as for jazz, popular, and classical repertoire. The Series II alto saxophone, the most popular model in Selmer saxophone history, boasts a flexible but centered tone that is natural in almost any playing situation. It's also acclaimed for its superior intonation. The Selmer Reference 54 is inspired by the Mark VI model, first released in 1954. It integrates the Mark VI's legendary acoustic characteristics with innovative modern key work and improved intonation. A favorite among jazz saxophonists, the Reference 54 offers a rich, full sound with an even scale and great ergonomics.
Graph Tech Bass Ratio Machine Heads Graph Tech Bass Ratio Machine Heads: Graph Tech Guitar Labs' new Bass Ratio machine heads are individually calibrated to a specific gear ratio, making tuning and re-tuning the bass faster and more intuitive. Like the Ratio systems for electric and acoustic guitar, they are designed with balanced-gear tuning technology so that one full rotation of any Bass Ratio key results in approximately one full tone pitch change. Their double envelope gear design has a hardened steel gear to ensure smooth consistency on the higher ratios. The Bass Ratio product line comprises seven sets of machine heads, allowing for customization based on number of strings (four-, five-, or six-string bass) and tactile preference, including both Y-style and classic clover leaf chrome buttons.
Hal Leonard Singer's Anthology Hal Leonard Singer's Anthology: Hal Leonard has released Volume 7 in The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology series, with new books for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano/Belter, Tenor, and Baritone/Bass. As in all the volumes in The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology series, songs appear in original keys only, and in the authentic show versions. There is a completely different song list for the four voice types. Song selections are taken from many recent Broadway musicals, including: Anastasia, The Band's Visit, Be More Chill, Come from Away, Dear Evan Hansen, Frozen the Musical, Hamilton, Matilda the Musical, Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, Pretty Woman, Tootsie, Waitress, and others. Besides songs from newer shows, The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology Volume 7 also presents attractive songs from older shows that have never appeared in the series.
Electro-Harmonix EHX-2020 Tuner Pedal Electro-Harmonix EHX-2020 Tuner Pedal: The new super-compact EHX-2020 tuner pedal is designed to occupy minimal space on a crowded pedalboard. With a +/- 1cent tuning range and high visibility display, it provides an accurate, convenient solution to any player's tuning needs. The EHX-2020 is true bypass to ensure signal path integrity, and when the tuner is engaged the instrument's output is muted. It can be calibrated to a reference standard of 436 to 445Hz in 1 Hz steps, so playing with instruments not tuned to 440Hz is not a problem. It has a wide tuning range of B0-B7, plus three flat tuning modes to facilitate tuning down a half step, a whole step, or a minor third.
QSC Adds New Mobile Subwoofer Unit QSC Adds New Mobile Subwoofer Unit: QSC's KS118 active subwoofer, the newest member of the KS Series subwoofer family, offers robust design, high-performance QSC amplification, and versatile DSP features. It was designed especially for mobile entertainment, AV rental, event production, clubs, and performance venues where high output and low frequency performance is needed. Featuring a long excursion 18" direct radiating driver powered by a 3600 Watt Class D amplifier, the KS118 delivers high sound pressure levels with dynamic reproduction of very low frequencies. Onboard DSP optimizes and protects system performance while also offering advanced capabilities such as the ability to array two units in a cardioid arrangement, maximizing low frequency output in front while minimizing unwanted energy around the sides and rear of the system. The rugged and stylish premium birch enclosure features comfortable aluminum handles and four rear-mounted low-noise casters. A top-mounted M20 threaded pole receptacle accepts a 35mm pole for easy vertical deployment with K.2 Series and other full-range loudspeakers. The small-footprint and easy-to-deploy KS112 is valuable when space is at a premium and tight, low frequencies are desired.
K&M Upgrades Omega Keyboard Stand K&M Upgrades Omega Keyboard Stand: König & Meyer's 18820 Omega Pro keyboard stand is designed for the rigors of the road with foldable legs, a flat and compact travel size, and a practical carrying strap. As with all Omega models, the two support arms adjust individually to accommodate varying sizes of keyboards, and height adjustment is easy with two spring-loaded locking screws on the base tubes. The compact steel tubing construction and the large, round floor protectors give this exceptional stability. Additional stackers can also be added for a second and third keyboard, and a range of tablet and laptop holders, sheet music holders, and microphone arms can also be mounted. Available in black, white and, red.
Schaller S-Lock Secure Strap System Schaller S-Lock Secure Strap System: In 1981, Schaller patented a unique strap lock system that protected valuable guitars. Now the leading guitar hardware manufacturer has further developed the strap lock concept with its new S-Locks. The "S" stands for "secure," "silent," and "Schaller." S-Locks feature a one-piece hardened steel strap button with a unique lock-wheel designed to hold straps firmly in place under the most rigorous conditions. The unit fits all existing strap buttons, including Gibson, with no need for additional tools or components.

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